Finding the Best Granite Slab in Toronto for Beautiful Countertops

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Read on to learn about the uses for granite slab, finding the best granite slab in Toronto for beautiful countertops and the benefits that they will bring to any home.

Granite slabs are an extremely versatile building material that can be used to improve the appearance, functionality and resale value of any home. Granite is a naturally occurring igneous rock that is formed through extreme pressure and heat in the earth. This results in a building material that is resistant to chipping, cracking and breaking when it is used for many different types of everyday uses around the home.

The most common use for granite slabs involves custom cutting the material into countertops for the home. Cutting a section of a countertop from a larger slab keeps the structural integrity of the granite intact and enhances durability. It also helps to limit the number of seams that will have to be aligned for larger countertops made from two or more pieces of granite. Part of the natural beauty of granite is in its non-uniform look, but this characteristic can also prove difficult for countertop installers to create a seamless appearance.


Natural Beauty That Lasts


When granite is being formed in the Earth’s crust, different types of trace minerals are trapped within the rock. These minerals are responsible for the different patterns and colours that exist in granite and they are the reason why every piece of granite is unique. Even pieces of granite that are cut from the same slab can vary greatly in appearance.


Choosing the right granite for a countertop or other home improvement project should be a fun and creative process. The top suppliers of granite in Toronto will offer a huge variety of different colours and patterns that range from traditional to exotic. There are granites which are mostly solid colours, and there are granites that contain a number of different colours. The huge variance between granite colours and patterns ensures that there is a type of granite that will be perfectly suited to every type of taste and décor.


Granite is incredibly hard and durable. There is a good chance that a new granite countertop installed in the home will be the last countertop that will ever be needed. With relatively low maintenance, such as sealing the stone every few years, granite will continue to provide elegance and long lasting performance long after traditional countertop materials would require replacement.


The Additional Benefits of Granite Countertops


The hardness of granite countertops helps to eliminate many of the common problems that can occur with laminate materials and other types of countertops. Have you ever set a hot pan down on a countertop? Most traditional types of countertops would burn almost immediately and need to be replaced, but granite offers heat resistant properties and can temporarily withstand heat sources. Do you ever cut things directly on the countertop? Granite is scratch resistant, so the only thing you will have to worry about is dulling your knives.


Granite is naturally non-porous, but it should be properly sealed in order to maintain the highest levels of sanitation and water resistance, especially when it is used as a kitchen or bathroom countertop.


Discover the many benefits that granite countertops will bring to the home. Speak to the top suppliers of granite slab in Toronto today.